Thursday, January 12, 2006

Jan 10th Sun - Oracle Announcement

Through working at Sun I was fortunate to attend the Sun Oracle Town Hall / Press Conference held at the Oracle Headquarters in Redwood Shores on Tuesday. It made for a fun (given Scott and Larry's humor) and happy (given the news and initiative announcements) afternoon. Scott and Larry in witty repose joked around to open the event. Scott began by asking if Oracle was going to buy Sun, "A simple yes or not will do". Larry replied to the tune of "You'll see it in the newspapers, ... Oracle's strong preference is to do everything hostilely." The joking and teasing continued through talking about the issue of making deals and doing business with each others rivals. Scott summarized the situation by saying "So, you aren't totally faithful, and we aren't totally faithful either, (pause and reflection) ...Maybe you less so than us." To which Larry responded, "We are talking about IT, yes?", and Scott replied "My wife is in the front row. I don't know where yours is."

The announcements made at the Press Conference are great news for Sun:
  • Oracle is signing a second 10 year license to use Java
  • Sun and Oracle announced that the middleware stacks from both companies would work well together.
  • Sun will be packaging Oracle's Enterprise Edition Database Software with four-processor Sun Fire V490 and with servers that use the UltraSparc IV or IV+ processors. This means that using Sun Servers will Oracle database will be 25% cheaper than equivalent IBM or HP systems.
You can find out more by browsing through the Sun Oracle Kick-Off 2006 Press Kit on

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