Monday, January 30, 2006

Dilbert - gathering product requirements from 'the generic guy'.

See, I'm not sure who the guy in this Dilbert cartoon is supposed to be. Is he the project marketing manager, who hasn't a clue what he's doing? Is he one of the project stakeholders who is similarly clueless? I'm pretty convinced he's not the user, 'cause I've never heard a user refer to the software they use as "my software". There are often sufficient usability flaws for users to want to distance themselves from anyone who had anything to do with designining the product they have to grapple with every day to get their work done.

Still, this depiction is spot on in characterizing some of the chicken-and-egg type discussions that can take place at project inception. Ted, isn't much of a visionary though is he? ... guess that's why he's called 'the generic guy'. The question just remains, is that 'generic marketing','generic engineering', or 'generic executive'?

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