Wednesday, April 26, 2006

DCamp - an unconference on design and user experience

I've signed up for the DCamp, an unconference on design and the user experience - a conference in the spirit of how conferences really should be. Two particularly attractive elements of this are that it's free - so you can attend even if you're unemployed right now, and the content will be what we, the participants, want it to be. This really is the participation age ... yes - I haven't left Sun yet ;-)

You can read more about it at, and on Rashmi's blog, and at BayCHI.

The event takes place on Friday May 12th (6 PM to ~) and May 13th (8 AM to ~) at the offices of Social Text. Hope to see you there.

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Blogger Muthu Online said...

Hey Jenny,
Howz your new job?

DCamp sounds like lotsa fun.
We did organize a BarCamp in Bangalore. Chris Messina was here too

3:07 AM  

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